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Dec. 3, 4 & 5, 2015 in Atlantic City, NJ

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  USSC introduces its new Model On-Premise Sign Code. A comprehensive model for local regulation of on-premise signs. Click here to view.  
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  Now available in PDF format . . . Want to learn everything you need to know about sign legibility, letter height, and sign size? Click here for a free download of the USSC Sign Legibility Rules of Thumb 18 page synopsis of USSC sign legibility research findings including easy-to-use equations and look-up charts for everyday application.  
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for Professor Daniel Mandelker's latest book on the First Amendment, Free Speech and On Premise Signs, designed entirely for the layperson.


USSC has now made available a new and updated edition of the landmarkpublication "USSC Best Practices Guideline Standards for On-Premise Signs". This new 2015 edition has been updated to include all of the latest USSC Foundation research and includes new standards for parallel signs as well as standards for sign illumination at night. Click here for a FREE PDF download.

For the USSC Best Practices Standards or for the latest in USSC Sign Legibility, Sign Size and Sign Illumination Research Publications, click here.

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